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Credit is often an ignored component of a business transaction. A client will often obtain an order, service request, or load and expect that prompt payment will be received in the normal course of business. In many instances these expectations are met, but on occasion a company's cash flow becomes strapped because a customer pays slow, or worse yet, does not pay. Riviera's factoring program is designed to meet a client's cash flow needs and provide NON-RECOURSE factoring to eliminate a client's credit risk. Our clients have seen the value of the factoring services provided by Riviera and increasingly have expressed a desire for Riviera to provide its credit services on an ongoing basis. As a result of our client's desires, Riviera has decided to take the depth of its credit experience and design Riviera 's FastCredit. FastCredit is one of the first tools in the factoring industry that offers an instant, automated credit approval.

Riviera's FastCredit is a tool designed for our clients to obtain automated credit approvals 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. FastCredit also provides Riviera's historical payment experience, allowing our clients to better understand when they should expect payment from that customer.

Try FastCredit and see why our clients choose Riviera Finance for their factoring needs.